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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just drop off my child at the Nursery whenever I need flexible childcare?

Once you have had your settling in session, you can check availability for the Drop-In Session(s) you require by sending an e-mail to providing us with at least one full working day's notice prior to the day you are looking to book your Drop-In Session(s) for.

When are fees payable?

Fees are payable following confirmation of availability and prior to your child's attendance by making payment on our website or by bank transfer. You will need to ensure that you reference the date of attendance when making your payment so that payments can be allocated and reconciled with ease.

What do I do if the sessions I require are stated to be fully booked?

Your name can be put on the waiting list for these sessions and you can do this by e-mailing our office at letting us know:

  • The name of your child;
  • Your child’s date of birth;
  • The best number that you can be reached on; and
  • The session times that you would like us to put your name on the waiting list for.

Should your desired session become available, we will notify you and you can advise us if you still require this booking.

How much notice do I need to give to cancel a booking?

In order for you to receive a full refund or credit for the session canceled, we require you to notify us by no later than noon on the working day falling immediately prior to the session(s) that you wish to cancel. A refund will not be possible for any cancellations where a shorter notice period is given.

Can I use Childcare Vouchers?

You are not able to use Childcare Vouchers for the Drop-In Sessions.

Can I book different days each week?

This will be possible, depending on availability.

Can I get a refund if my child is absent from a Drop-In Session due to illness?

If you are not able to cancel your booking within the requisite time (see above), then refunds are not available in these circumstances.