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What if my child requires medication whilst at the Drop-In Crèche?

Your child should not attend the Drop-In Crèche if they are not well enough to take part in activities or might be contagious and be placing others at risk of illness. However, if your child is well enough to take part in activities at the Drop-In Crèche then the staff will be able to administer medication provided that the medicine is prescribed by a doctor and has displayed on the medication the dispensing information provided by the pharmacy.

If your child is likely to require prescribed medication of any sort whilst attending the Drop-In Crèche, you must ensure that this is brought in and given to the Drop-In Crèche manager and is signed in the Crèche Medicine Book (specifying the reason for the medication, the dosage and times when it needs to be administered). At collection time, you (or the person authorised to collect your child) will be required to sign and complete the Medicine Book again.

Please look at our Common Illnesses Booklet on the website ( information) for details of our exclusion periods for common children’s illnesses. Your child will not be able to attend the Drop-In Crèche during such exclusion periods. In particular, kindly, note that your child will not be able to attend until 24 hours have elapsed from the commencement of any antibiotics being administered to them.